Cerebral Entree Dish – Introduction (Kal)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. – Mark Anthony

The past few days i’ve been busy with work, so i’ve not had the time to provide an introduction. Regretfully, my other unnamed associate who wrote the previous 3 blog posts had to do 3 at a time when we agreed to share knowledge on a “take turns to post 1” basis. (Alan, please introduce yourself properly to our readers, they only know you as the mundoculus guy ^^ ).

My name is Kal, and this site is a blog where we take turns to share our amassed knowledge and experience with our readers. As it is now, the currency of the world is no longer rice, coconuts, goats, cows, religion, or even money. The currency of the world as of now, is Knowledge. Knowledge is the power base from which individuals create their life successes, their legacy companies, and even their conglomerate empires. Some use knowledge to create wealth, some use it to gain a competitive edge in whichever endeavors they wish to succeed in, some even acquire knowledge to immortalize themselves through art, politics, music, and a select few do it through warmongering. Whatever the reasons are, knowledge and the ability to acquire knowledge (learning intellect) is essential for survival, regardless of whatever entity you choose to be. (Company, Indivdual, Country, Religion).

That being said, what, perhaps, is the most important knowledge skillset of all? Deep specialization technical knowledge? Broad spectrum theoretical knowledge? Music and art? Science and engineering? Legal aptitude and fluency and flair in the courtroom? Medicine and dentistry? There are so many fields of knowledge that are all equally important, but which single one skillset that, once you master it, it opens you new doors, windows of opportunity, and entirely new worlds that you never once thought existed?

Before we come to that, let me take you on an imaginary journey.

Imagine a single person (Joe White), a genius of extraordinary talent. He was born with a photographic memory. Everything he sees, hears, touches smells.. he remembers it for life. He is cursed with flawless, perfect memory. He reads books and memorizes them faster than his fingers can flip the pages. Abusing his talent to the fullest, he spends days, months, years, to learn all that there is to learn. Skilled in medicine, music, science, art, and every academic field possible, he comes out into society as a professional in every field. Would he be successful in life and achieve his goals and dreams? Very highly likely.

Imagine another person (Joe Black), likewise, a genius of extraordinary talent. He was born with absolutely nothing. (ha ha) He has dreams though, big big dreams fueled by even bigger ambition. Instead of focusing on acquiring raw knowledge, burying himself in libraries and professors and a lack of social life whatsoever.. he chooses to learn how to interact with people. He learns how to accurately fit different people into different categories. He knows others’ strengths and weaknesses. He knows how to use other people’s knowledge to further his own ends. He knows how to, when necessary, fit invisible strings onto his enemies limbs, controlling their emotions, thoughts, actions.. without them knowing. He knows how to make a person fall in love with him and his wild, honeyed words. He knows that when he is in legal trouble, he has excellent lawyer friends who will defend his case to the last breath. He ha accounting friends who will help him with investment and financial decisions. He has doctors, economists, politicians, actors, businessmen.. strong pillars from every field imaginable with unbeatable track records and experience.. all lending him a helping hand when he asks for it.

He knows how to rouse a mob.

He knows how to rally a nation.

He knows how to change the world.

The only thing he had in him was that he knew how to interact with others, how they would think, how they would act and react in response to his calm actions, or highly emotional triggers. He knew only, the deep knowledge of human interaction. Would he be successful in life and achieve his goals and dreams? Hard to imagine someone like this failing in life eh?

Isn’t it easier to, instead of trying to learn everything there is to learn in our world, (impossible unless you have attained immortality and are a handsome vampire with the biggest library in the world), instead, just figure out how the people around you are thinking, how they are really like inside? and use that to your advantage? We are not talking about manipulation here, we are talking about communication with their sub-conscious minds so that even when they want to trust their instincts, their instincts tell them to trust US.

Food for thought? I thought so.

Back to reality now, my friends.

The truth is, it is possible to achieve photographic memory with training, no talent required (Joe White).

It is ALSO possible to attain deep knowledge in the art of human interactions, human psychology, and personality profiling (Joe Black).

So tell me…. what can POSSIBLY hold you back from achieving your most incredulous, wildest dreams?