Beautiful Mind: Mind Castle (Alan)

YES! At last, my fellow friend post an awesome post!

As requested by my friend, let me properly introduce myself. I am Alan, currently studying Electrical Engineering degree in university. Hard to imagine a typical engineer writing about psychology eh? Well, I wanted to be different, now I am.

Anyway, I wanted to post something than I have learned before I post on deeper level of personality profiling, NLP and self-development. This is about our beautiful mind and what we can do with such wonderful gift.

Your world may be ugly, your life may be dull, your life may be full of stress, your life may be full of crap that you refuse to understand. You cannot control all these variables, you cannot control other people’s decision, you cannot control the whole economy, you cannot control your boss, and you definitely cannot stop someone from making your life miserable. Yet, there is something that is always in your control. YOUR MIND.

Perhaps you cannot defy the social conditioning that were forced down onto you.
Perhaps you cannot choose where you are born at, what you are born with.
Perhaps you cannot point middle finger at everyone every time when you are angry.
But, you can do all that in your mind.
You are the only one inside your own mind, unless you belong to some special cases.

What I want to say here is a place that you built for yourself. In my case, I have a wonderful mind castle to relax when I feel like it. And it is easy to do.

I tried on my 8-year-old sister and she loved it. It is very fun to do it before she slept. It was my style of bed time story. I realised that my bed time story does not suits her, simply because I don’t remember any of the story i read. Haha. So, I thought of what I did before I sleep, and tried on her. She loves it!

I asked her to close her eyes and imagine a castle. After she build a cute castle, pinkish little castle, I asked her to go to the front door, push the door and go inside. Then, I told her to decorate the interior of castle and describe it to me. Apparently, inside is golden, with chandelier in the middle (She described it as light in the middle). Next, I asked her to describe more by telling her to put in tables, chairs, cupboard and book shelves.

Her castle has: To the left, teddy bear collections on the shelves, her school bags right beside the teddy bear collection shelf. To the right, her homework and story books on the table . I asked her create a book shelf beside the table, collect all her homework and story books  on the table and put them on her book shelves. She did it. And I asked her what was her home work about and how she put them into the book shelf. She told me, her home work consists of maths, languages… etc, and some textbooks. After she organise it, I asked her what she saw. She said, she saw each textbook with the their label. When I asked her to take the book, open up and asked her what she saw, she said she saw the books are blank. Ok.

So, I asked her to put back the boring homework and take out on story book. What was the name of the story book? She said about three little pig and the wolf. Opening up the book, it was blank. So I told her to play the story. She played the story, while describing to me what happened in the story. She said, (not the exact words)it was like a movie playing on top of the story book. I waited for her to finish. Finished? yes. So, the story would now stored in the story book. I asked her to close the book and put it back to the book shelf. And then, I asked her whether want to read another story book. She said yes, and told me about Tom and Jerry. Tom was chasing Jerry and Jerry was doing a lot of funny act to Tom, bla bla. I cannot remember the details anyway. After she finished, closed the book and put it back to the book shelf. Then, put everything nicely in the castle. And then asked her whether it was fun. Yeah! Okay go to sleep.

I did for a few times each with different stories. She loved it.

Why was I doing that? It was because she wanted bed time story. I was telling her Harry Potter. -.- I cannot even remember the Harry Potter and sorcerer Stone’s Story. And my other stories were too deep for her to understand. How on earth am I going to explain about my epic story about magic, love, and sacrifice…. as a bed time story? My style of story telling would make her wanted to know more instead of going to sleep. I am not a good bed-time story-teller. I passed the idea but I am going to tell her about it when she is old enough to grasp the essence of the story. Also, when the whole story is complete.

Sounds fun so far? I have my own mind castle, affected by my sister’s castle after I guide her into building her own, with golden interior, chandelier in the middle. A big room door on the right. To the left, book shelves on the left, with tables and chair for me to read books. A big stair case in the middle with red carpet, that leads to the second floor. An aisle or passage way behind the stair case, with many rooms.  This is the place where I store all the knowledge I have, according to each subject in my study. Now the second floor. The second floor has a big screen, and control panel. It stores my experience during the daytime through my eyes. Any details I want to take down will store in a file like a computer file, and then I can scroll over to browse through them. For example, I want to see this person’s profile. His/her picture will pop up with his/her name. I can put whatever description in it. Then store back.

It is really wonderful to have this mind castle. I tend to remember more on the details I experience during the day. Of course, only if I stored them in the castle before I sleep. It is like a library to me. I can relax inside, fly like superman in the castle into different sections.

So, I propose this to people, particularly people who have visual reconstruct representation system, to improve on memory problem. Note: visual recreation means you create images when you think, when you try to remember things, and most of the time you are looking in 3rd person’s perspective (You are goddamn imaginative, admit it). Practice this everyday, you will see big change in your memory. I don’t do this everyday but I still can remember the content of my subjects well. Even though the subject was taken one year ago. However, I regret that I didn’t do it everyday. Or else, I wouldn’t have the problem of remembering the 1st half of my subjects damn bloody well and nothing about the 2nd half. Not enough practice. Nothing comes easy. No pain, no gain.

This is fun. You can do whatever you want inside. Fly like superman, curse and swear when angry, crash and burn things inside or take out two AK47, one on each arm and shoot like Chuck Norris. No need to reload, you will never run out of bullets.

Don’t get the wrong idea. It is a place to release stress, not to make it happen in real life. It is your own life library, your storage, your imaginary notebook. A place for imagination. A place to fall back to when you are exhausted in your reality. A beautifully designed castle, with rooms of your own design. Your dream home inside. When you get to your own home, you can design it like your mind castle.

So, now let’s get into details.

First of all, close your eyes. Imagine a castle/mansion or whatever building you like.
Go to the door, open it and go inside.
Once inside, decorate it as you like. The colour, the lighting, the floor, the ceiling. You can make as many floors as you can but I recommend 2 to 3 floors only (easy to remember).
Put a book shelf for collection of books. Make sure you have a place to relax and read (can be sofa or table or bed).
Imagine yourself walking through and exploring the castle.
Then, have a place to store your memory, perhaps a futuristic computer like me or maybe a huge book.
Next, you can create doors for different rooms. Once you open the door, you go inside and do as you wish. These rooms can be your own designed dream master bedroom, a place to store your memory as well. For me, I create a long hallway with room doors, with each room labeled with the name of subject I wished to remember. Inside the room, I have a board to display different chapters of the topic. In the middle of the room, I have a control panel to take out which part of the topic as I wished.
Remember always put your memory into this castle and look at it. The more you do it, the more you can remember the exact memory that you put in. For some reason, I can still remember the whole journey I took to reach my part-time company 1 year ago. I can still remember what I see, how I felt and what people I met.
Therefore, when you go to each sections of your mind castle, feel what is there. When you open the door, ‘feel’ that you pushed the door. If you are reading a book, ‘feel’ the book in your hands, feel yourself flipping the pages of the book. Once you do it, you will remember very well.

This whole thing is based on a drama series I watched from TV. I couldn’t replicate the steps so I modify it to suit myself. For more info, you can read more books on memory palace to become a master in this.

So, have you created your own castle?

Beautiful isn’t it?


Continue: Power of mind (Alan)

Now, let me get into explaining the process. Here, I would like to see if I can pass these qualities into other people. All the specific details will be separated into different categories, including NLP, psychological method, and each different categories of self-improvement.

Start of the process:
1. Getting into “up-time” in NLP terms. To put it simply, clear of all the thoughts, images, voices in my head, internal  feelings. This is very important so that my internal thoughts do not interfere with my psychological analysis. This will prevent my analysis from being biased, thus making my analysis almost 100% accurate.
Why not 100%? This is simply because each analysis when getting into details, which each individual is very different, may not be absolutely correct. The point is, as long as it is 80-90% accurate, it is good enough, since this is not mind reading (I will elaborate about mind reading in a separate post).
When my thoughts are cleared, all the images, voices and feelings will only come from outside. external factors. When I am in this “up-time” state, it is a totally different feeling. I have a on-off button to go into this state. Once I am in it, I roughly know how deep am I in, most of the time about 60% to 70% “up-time”.Yes, it is like a partial up-time because I am running images freely in my mind. If I am 100% up-time state, I don’t get any images in my head at all.

The exact process running in my head. Let’s say I want to analyse this guy. I will start to form images about him, like a computer drawing images. For me, I see lines (like using pen and draw the lines) form a complete image. For example, 2 different lines will spiral and then either connect to each other, sometimes not. Then I wait for the drawings to stop. Then, I analyse these lines.

I am quite sure that there are people who see images, hear voices or get feelings about other people, but they do not know how to analyse them. So I shall explain how to analyse those next.

2. Next, this requires an understanding of human psychology and psychological profiling (explain in other posts). Once the image is formed, then I analyse the structure of the image, which is the lines.This requires some imagination to understand.

A straight line means that person is more straight forward. Doesnt beat around the bush when talking or thinking.
A curve usually means his personality can be bent, meaning he is more flexible. Depending on the curvature, it can mean that he adopts quickly, or have different approach in different situation. Thus, he is not fixed to 1 style of handling situations.
If there are 2 lines drawing concurrently in my head, that person has dual personality. This does NOT mean that he is schizophrenic. This means that he has one type of personality when he is alone or with people that he knows well, and then another type of personality in an unfamiliar environment or highly-stressed environment.
More examples later on, when I remember them.

More on images, a specific case on my training department manager. The images I see is a rough-looking rock dipped in a huge, calm, blue ocean. Can imagine that? What you feel from this image? Now here is the full explanation that I told him.
First of all, he has a rock solid character, meaning when he make decisions, he doesn’t change it or have doubt on it. This strong character also means that he is not easily affected by other people. So he always stick to his decision whether other people criticise him, look down on him or whatsoever. This is also called, in my words, as strong and unshaken personality, people with leadership qualities
Next, why the rock has rough surface, not smooth? This is because his personality right now is molded through his many experiences in the past. He is not born with this type or personality. Through bit by bit experience, he forms this strong character. Also, the rock has some bigger “holes” or rough surface, which means that he learn through some bad experiences in the past, and his personality now evolves from it, thus able to handle such situation easily now.
Then, why the rock is in the ocean? This means that his emotion supports his personality very well. He is always calm when making decisions, he won’t rush into decision. Every step he takes is calculated with risks taken into account. This also means that he can handle stress very well because he is always calm.
Now, let’s go into more details. When the rock shakes in the ocean, it will create only waves that spread through the ocean (NOT TSUNAMI). This means that when he is emotionally down, he can feel his emotional turmoil. But he just let it go like the wave, let it pass and then back to calm again. That is his way of handling hardship. Calmly let it pass, so that it wont affect him too long, then move on with his life.
Lastly, the colour of the ocean – blue. It is the colour that describe his current emotion. When I was talking to him, he was actually in learning mode. That is why the colour is blue. He is calmly listening to me, absorbing the information into his mind. I also ran a colour check at the back of his head and the colour that stopped was submarine blue, a blue somewhere close to the normal blue and a bit darker. This is is confirm the accuracy of my images – to describe his current emotional state.

Now, when I do the analysis, I usually cant remember what images I see after I finish the analysis unless I pay attention to the images (which means less accuracy). The trick here is that, I speak to the person about my analysis while I am doing the analysis in my head. This also means that I can adjust my analysis while sensing his body language. Or else, it won’t be accurate.

3. So, it comes to this point. Adjustment in the analysis. When I see the images, I also get a tinge of feeling. I need to make sure that the feeling that I get is aligned with the images I see. Utilising this image that I see, I can ‘feel’ the images I see and then collaborating both analysis (images and feeling) to form a complete one. During the analysis itself, which is me explaining to the other party, I sense their body language and voice tone. If they are not comfortable with my analysis which is sometimes very private or personal to them, I will not reveal too much details and only tell them the gist of it. This also prevent me from getting into trouble when dealing with people. Imagine someone who you don’t know come and tell you about your personality when he doesn’t know you, never talked to you before. That is actually quite scary but at the same time very exciting. Look at it this way, he might know more about you that you know about yourself.

4. So far, I have talked about the drawn images and feeling. Now I shall go into another interesting part – the bars.
What bars am I talking about? I am referring to the kind of bars you see in video games, like your health bar, mana bar or other different bars. So, what are these bars for?
Allow me to elaborate on this. I have a few bars running on other people’s head.

The positive thinker or negative thinker bar – I can see the bar’s length moving left and right. to the left is negative thinker, middle is neutral thinker, to the right is positive thinker. I can see how deep are they into negative or positive thinking. It’s fun to see. You will be surprised that a lot of people who look very happy, always smile, very outgoing, very confident are actually negative thinkers. And yes, they had confirmed that they are negative thinker themselves.

Comfort level bar – how comfortable is that person towards me. how comfortable is he in this particular environment.

Day dreamer or realist bar – to be specific, someone who day-dream or built castle in the air a lot, which means spending his free time thinking nonsense that will never happen in real life. Or, someone who think about his reality and plan ahead when dealing with situations.

Next is the 2 very important bars.

CONFIDENT LEVEL BAR –  how confident is he (in different categories – self-confident, confidence in skills, confidence in presenting himself)

SELF ESTEEM BAR – how does he look at himself. (beautiful people usually has high self-esteem). For some people, confident level and self-esteem are totally opposite. Very confident but very low self-esteem, or very low confidence but very high self-esteem.

Basically, I can activate these bar as I wished and see them moves (increase or decrease in length). Then, I will wait for it to stop. Once stopped, it will describe the person. For example, if the positive/negative thinking bar is very long onto the right (positive thinking), that person is super optimistic and no negative feeling/thoughts can affect him/her. In fact, this group of people do not even have negative thought AT ALL.

End of process. The full explanation for different situations are more or less here.

After the process, I will suffer memory loss because it is VERY MENTALLY EXHAUSTING to do psychological analysis and talk to the person at the same time. I meant, not that serious. Just cannot remember what I have just told him/her/them most of the time especially when I am doing demonstration.

Let me summarise this.

1. Achieve “up-time”. Clear off all internal thoughts and only receive external thoughts.

2. Psychological profiling in your own way. I am a visual person, thus I use image to profile.

3. Adjustment on analysis of the profiling. You cannot improve if you do not practice and keep adjusting. The choice of word you use will also improve over time, when you are more familiar with it.

4. Fun bars on personality. I played computer games a lot so I use these bars. If you have any other way, please tell me so that I can learn as well.

Power of Mind (Alan)

Having trained myself to build a new identity, I am glad to see the true power of my mind.

Now let me illustrate what I can do.

I heard about this guy in UK who is one of the best comedy style performer doing psychology on stage.
He had a book named, “A mind reader who can’t read minds”. Does it ring a bell to you?

I am somewhat different. I am a mind reader who can read your mind, not entirely what you are thinking of course. The true power of my beautiful mind is able to see pictures in my mind that describe a person’s personality, his/her history, his thinking style, and sometimes his fear. I can also run through a series of colour like the slotting machine behind the person’s head and wait for it to stop. Then, the colour will depict that person’s current mood and emotional status. Using this, I coordinate with the picture I see to form a complete personality profile on that person. And then, if I were to look at him from the front, or eye-to-eye, I will get a tinge of feeling. The feeling is sooo small that I almost can’t feel anything at all. This feeling is generally the self-esteem, self-confidence, introvert or extrovert, his or her strength, and most importantly, the current emotion and the reason behind it. All these is from my real life experience in analyzing the images and feeling I get from others. Sometimes, I can sense people’s emotional turmoil. It’s scary, no kidding. I got affected by that sometimes.

Having said all these, I can say that I am gifted. During my part-time work, my training department manager once told me that I have a gift. Of course, I do his complete personality profiling and emotional status on the spot while talking to him for about 5 minutes. Perhaps I am gifted, but the thing is, I know this whole process can be duplicated, especially to females because they are more emphatic in nature. I had a protegé who wants to learn how to sense other people’s emotion. I taught her and we had a lot of fun creating emotions for each other to sense (NOT GUESSING, because it was 100% accurate).
Well, that is when I know the process can be duplicated.

Although I know this is possible, I know that it is very difficult and a long process. What enables me to do this is a combination of all my knowledge:
Psychology and psychological profiling, good understanding and acute sensing of body language, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), understanding of male & female psychology (mainly through dating coaches’ books) and 12 years of studying arts and design since the age of 5 (beat that years of experience plus almost full marks (97) for my secondary school final year visual arts project).

No one will have my kind of repertoire, that is just ridiculous. But, the basic of my knowledge comes from NLP. The unconventional psychology method used, but they are WAYYYYYY more effective than conventional psychology methods. Why is that so? Because the whole point of NLP is focused on what is effective and what is not. If it doesn’t work, adjust immediately for it to work.

Back to my main point. Well,  I can do a psychological profile of a person by talking to him/her for 5 minutes or sometimes I don’t even have to talk to that person at all. This is so fun! Which is why I love myself for going through so many years of learning arts and design, start to appreciate what my parent made me do, which is going to art class, calligraphy class, music class, etc. So, I am going to improve this wonderful technique that I have developed and hopefully one day can be duplicated in different form. Since everyone has different repertoire and mind system, I would love to learn more and experiment.

For the past few years, I have changed from an introvert into someone outgoing and able to speak in public. Confident, engaging in expression of ideas through sensing of other people’s body language, facial expression. How to exert voice to the whole room or theatre without shouting. Damn. I am good! I love my life now!

So, I create this blog with my friend to combine our experience together and help those out there who REALLY want to do something about themselves. I know a lot people who wanted to be better, perhaps like me or even better in presenting themselves. Unfortunately, they did not have the persistence to follow my guidance. So, I shall open up the whole library in my mind here to people who genuinely want to change their life. Also, this unique experience that you can’t get elsewhere is freaking awesome and DAMN it’s FREE!