This serves as a guidebook for myself on which aspect of self-improvement I want to explain, as well as for people who want to improve a particular area of themself.

So I shall state what are the areas I will be focusing on.

First of all, it would be an overview of body language, facial expression, psychology before I move into more details.

Next, I will go into details on self-improvement techniques.

So, I am going to appear on tv, with mask on and tell you: “I want to play a game……”

The game goes like this: the outer game, the inner game and the extra games.

  • Outer game includes improving body language and building your personality, confidence, expressing yourself coherently, voice coaching, fashion, humour, etc…
  • Inner game includes understanding yourself through psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), controlling your thoughts, self-hypnosis (i call it mind journey) and meditation.
  • The extra games will be mind reading, psychological profiling, fun games to build rapport  and social dynamics (I refuse to teach dating skills)

If you clear all these games, I shall brand you the master of games, and offer you a chance to attain immortality… in your dreams…

Lastly, I would like to talk about life-enrichment aspects, including arts, fashion, music, books, etc. Also, the other special ones will be unleash your creativity, momentum and motivation, focus and concentration, and achieving dreams.

PS: I would like to state that all these all through my experience of evolving from someone with no personality to someone I always wanted to be. So, most of the posts will be about my experience and techniques. I wouldn’t provide background knowledge for those… for now… until I research further into the matters.

throughout my journey, I shall improve the blog to be more user-friendly and interactive gradually since I am still learning about wordpress blog. Of course, there will be links to the post here when it is ready.


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