How do you know when someone is excited? (Alan)

Let me start from facial expression.

Eye brow – higher when happy, even higher when there is much more excitement (like when you are craving for extravagant activities from opposite sex)

Eyes become bigger – retina slightly bigger, eye open wider, colour of eyes darker (if you are attentive enough to notice these), eyes moving more rapidly for some people.

Nose – bleeding because too excited (not really unless you are looking at.. you know), nose hole slightly bigger, breathing deeper or sometimes faster (depends on what is the excitement).

Mouth – colour of lips lightened or sometimes redder (this really depends on that person’s biological structure), edge of mouth tickles as if he/she is smiling, lips slightly bigger. Sometimes, this person cannot stop talking. (*wink wink* does it describe like you?)

Ears – redder for some people due to blood flowing faster

Face – (if you can notice these tiny changes) flinch on edge of eye brow, cheeks and tip of the nose.

Smile more (obvious right?) You are half way there. To be more accurate, a more sincere smile or laughter. Look at the edge of the lips. You will see the difference. Sincere – deeper flicker (Dont know what it is called), not so sincere – you can barely see it. Generally, people are more genuine in their facial expression when they are excited because they are less conscious of themselves. They are not consciously controlling so much of their facial expression when their attention is diverted into excitement.

Body language

Different depending on gender.


Wider shoulder than usual, shoulder higher (tense shoulder for different excitement), move about more frequently (unable to keep body still). Sometimes, shaking legs more frequently but don’t be mistaken, because some men shake their leg like turning on motor when they concentrate. Yes, that is irritating for some people.

Some look like suddenly they have firmer chest.

Grip their fist tighter and shake harder if they do, upper body leaning forward instead of leaning backward.

Deeper and longer breath for some type of happiness (which has lasting effect), deep and fast breath for other types of happiness (short-term happiness like getting a job done), shallow and faster breath for some situations (Don’t need to explain, you should know).

And all of a sudden, they have tighter and nicer ass… seems like you should really… really try to grab it…^^


They hide everything in their heart, unless you can see through them.

Stroke their hair more often, touches their body more often (shoulder, back of the hand, or gadgets they have). Some become extremely quiet when they are excited. Some shake their leg more/faster when crossing their leg (depends on your analysis, I can only help you this much).

Shoulder leaning forward (not the whole body like male), some look more relaxed (whole body more straight up).

Shallower breath, sometimes faster. This is the sign of their heartbeat.

Don’t sit still, moving around more. Sometimes moving around on a chair more frequently. That is like rubbing…. ok no further explanation.

Basically, unlike male who is driven by adrenaline rush (more blood flow), female are driven more by emotions. So all their movements is more subtle. Their movements are more fluid than man, so think of it like a flow of water. Disruption to this flow of water is the sign of change in emotion. Yes. If you know this person well, she will move more gracefully when excited, means that her water is flowing faster…

Expression of words

Some express it directly, their excitement, some through their choice of words. Some describe their experience/feelings vividly, which shows their emotions. Those who are more quiet, suddenly speak more often, yep… that is the sign.

If an excitement is beyond words… speechless. Don’t even need to say, it’s all on their face!

So far I have covered visual inspection. So let’s get deeper into this:

Feeling that you get from them. Sometimes awkwardness, sometimes it feels too gay, sometimes it is just…. nothing.

Sometimes, you think he/she is crazy when normally he/she is so calm,
sometimes you think he/she is a nut case when he/she was so nerdy,
sometimes you think his/her presence become too prominent when you didn’t even notice him/her.

But now, we are drawn into the same world, where we share our excitement…
We seem to be connected by an invisible string, that links our heart together…
We feel like we have known each other… for very long, even though we have just met…
We feel so similar, yet so distant…
The time seems to pause for us, to cherish our moment together… forever…
The rain won’t stop for us… as we hold onto the same umbrella, so close to each other, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, feeling each other’s warmth…
We belong together, we are at the same frequency, we are… don’t hug me!

Feeling is sooo hard to describe.

We shall end here since I reveal too much information that I shouldn’t be saying.

*Actually I am just hungry* Cannot think when I have a hungry stomach. *Playful smile* Join me for a quick meal~


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