Why am I sharing this? (Alan)

I believe in the experiences I had, every chapter in my Book of Life is exciting, full of loves and losses.
I believe in the time I lived, every moment is a picture that i can relieve with glaring intensity.
I believe in understanding human nature, every person is an animal that understands simple things.. love, greed, desire.. and complex things.. sacrifice, mercy, duty, loyalty.
I believe in social dynamics and psychology, that every group setting and group conversation has shifts of power to whomever takes the lead, that everyone’s mind is different, yet oddly similar.
I believe if I can do it, somebody else can too. Aren’t we all human?
So I believe my words hold value in your heart, that my thoughts hold sway,
I believe I will… move.. your heart and grasp your soul.

Because I care, believe and want to change the world into a better place.

The world now, is not a place I want my children to grow up in.

Thus, I am going to start, by changing the way you think.


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