Body Posture (Alan)

Your shoulder, your chest, your head direction, your back, your standing posture, your sitting posture.

The way you tilt your head, the way you turn your head, the way you position yourself, the way you walk with wind, the way you stand like you are the master.

How you lift your chest, how you stiff your shoulder, how you squeeze yourself smaller like porcupine, how you lean forward or backward, and how on earth your leg refuse to move to the one you have crush on?

Your shoulder shows your comfort level.

Your chest shows your confidence level.

Your posture shows you attitude.

Your walking style shows your control over yourself.

Your sitting posture shows your emotional state.

Your body response shows your attention, your self-esteem, and whether you are in your comfort zone.

The whole package, the combination of these, shows you personality.


Take note of your own posture when you are reading this.


When you are nervous, your shoulder is stiff, and it’s like you are squeezing yourself into smaller piece.
When you are stresses, you shoulder muscle tensed, and you barely move your shoulder.
When you are relaxed, your shoulder laid back, resting in peace.


When you feel confidence, you lift up your chest like you are the king of the world.
When you are not, you look like you lost someone you love.
When you are focused, you feel like you have something on your chest, especially if you are a girl.
When you are bored, you feel that your chest is empty.


When you are genuinely interested, you lean in and read my post.
When you are disgusted by my content, you back away from your screen and click the close button.
When you care about someone, you naturally want to protect them, giving them your care and support.
When you are shy, you don’t even look at me.
When you are angry, your body is agitated and feel like punching me. You cannot sit or stand still.

Sitting Posture:

When you are comfortable, your ass is fully on the chair, your back leaning against the support.
When you are down, you sit about 70% of the chair, not leaning on it.
When you are happy, you sit straight, only 50% of the chair, moving back and forth while describing about your happiness.
When you meet a client, you sit straight, at 50% of the chair, explaining to him about your product like you believe in it.
When you are relaxed, you look like you need a pillow to support your lower back. This sitting posture is bad for health.
When you are stressed, you most probably cannot sit tight.
When you are waiting for someone, you fold your arms sometimes, and cross your leg.
When you are interested in someone, you cross your leg in his/her direction.
When you are waiting to leave a place, your leg points to the exit.
When you want to run away, both your legs is pointing towards the exit, and you cannot rest your leg.

Walking Style:

When you have total control over yourself, you walk like a king on the red carpet.
When you are rushing to somewhere, you walk fast and you feel like running against time.
When you are perfectly comfortable with friends, family or your loved ones,  you stroll like time stops for you.
When you have fast pace of life (especially in city life), you walk like a model… in fast forward mode.
Body Response:

When you want someone’s attention, your body is leaned forward.
When you are happy, your response is positive, like an energised bunny. “Can you not move around so much?” Nah.
When you hate someone or doesn’t feel like attending to that person, your body won’t even response.
When you think I type too much nonsense, you sigh at the  amount of crap you need to read.
When you think I type too much info, you want to bookmark my address and come back later. Most probably you won’t if you don’t feel the need to improve yourself.
When you read my post, you feel like you are going to school again because you realise so much things were not taught in school. Why is education teaching you the knowledge of life but not the essence of life?

All in all, when you look at body language, you have to look at it as a whole. This means body language comes as a whole package, where each sub-categories only give tiny details. Combining all, while accessing body language, will connect the dots for these details, thus making all the inspection congruent.


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