Power of Mind (Alan)

Having trained myself to build a new identity, I am glad to see the true power of my mind.

Now let me illustrate what I can do.

I heard about this guy in UK who is one of the best comedy style performer doing psychology on stage.
He had a book named, “A mind reader who can’t read minds”. Does it ring a bell to you?

I am somewhat different. I am a mind reader who can read your mind, not entirely what you are thinking of course. The true power of my beautiful mind is able to see pictures in my mind that describe a person’s personality, his/her history, his thinking style, and sometimes his fear. I can also run through a series of colour like the slotting machine behind the person’s head and wait for it to stop. Then, the colour will depict that person’s current mood and emotional status. Using this, I coordinate with the picture I see to form a complete personality profile on that person. And then, if I were to look at him from the front, or eye-to-eye, I will get a tinge of feeling. The feeling is sooo small that I almost can’t feel anything at all. This feeling is generally the self-esteem, self-confidence, introvert or extrovert, his or her strength, and most importantly, the current emotion and the reason behind it. All these is from my real life experience in analyzing the images and feeling I get from others. Sometimes, I can sense people’s emotional turmoil. It’s scary, no kidding. I got affected by that sometimes.

Having said all these, I can say that I am gifted. During my part-time work, my training department manager once told me that I have a gift. Of course, I do his complete personality profiling and emotional status on the spot while talking to him for about 5 minutes. Perhaps I am gifted, but the thing is, I know this whole process can be duplicated, especially to females because they are more emphatic in nature. I had a protegé who wants to learn how to sense other people’s emotion. I taught her and we had a lot of fun creating emotions for each other to sense (NOT GUESSING, because it was 100% accurate).
Well, that is when I know the process can be duplicated.

Although I know this is possible, I know that it is very difficult and a long process. What enables me to do this is a combination of all my knowledge:
Psychology and psychological profiling, good understanding and acute sensing of body language, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), understanding of male & female psychology (mainly through dating coaches’ books) and 12 years of studying arts and design since the age of 5 (beat that years of experience plus almost full marks (97) for my secondary school final year visual arts project).

No one will have my kind of repertoire, that is just ridiculous. But, the basic of my knowledge comes from NLP. The unconventional psychology method used, but they are WAYYYYYY more effective than conventional psychology methods. Why is that so? Because the whole point of NLP is focused on what is effective and what is not. If it doesn’t work, adjust immediately for it to work.

Back to my main point. Well,  I can do a psychological profile of a person by talking to him/her for 5 minutes or sometimes I don’t even have to talk to that person at all. This is so fun! Which is why I love myself for going through so many years of learning arts and design, start to appreciate what my parent made me do, which is going to art class, calligraphy class, music class, etc. So, I am going to improve this wonderful technique that I have developed and hopefully one day can be duplicated in different form. Since everyone has different repertoire and mind system, I would love to learn more and experiment.

For the past few years, I have changed from an introvert into someone outgoing and able to speak in public. Confident, engaging in expression of ideas through sensing of other people’s body language, facial expression. How to exert voice to the whole room or theatre without shouting. Damn. I am good! I love my life now!

So, I create this blog with my friend to combine our experience together and help those out there who REALLY want to do something about themselves. I know a lot people who wanted to be better, perhaps like me or even better in presenting themselves. Unfortunately, they did not have the persistence to follow my guidance. So, I shall open up the whole library in my mind here to people who genuinely want to change their life. Also, this unique experience that you can’t get elsewhere is freaking awesome and DAMN it’s FREE!


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