Why are we doing this? Who the hell are we?


I believe that every person, is unique, special in their own way.

Everyone has their own life story.

I was always curious about others. What do they think, what do they feel.. what drives them.

That curiosity, that… desire… to know about people.. it drove me.. drove me to learn how to understand people better.

I soon realised though, that what people say directly, is never truly accurate of what they really feel, or what they really mean.

Words.. superfluous, fickle, unreliable.. words alone.. cannot be trusted.

Then started my real journey into understanding people better.

Psychology, body language, vocal tonality, evolutionary biology, religion, intuition, chemistry, (astrology even).. just to be able to attain the skill of understanding others.. their needs, their motives, their personality… their undisclosed desires… their deepest, darkest secrets..

All just a glimpse, of course.. 😉

However, a glimpse.. a tiny peek, full of clarity.. is usually all that you need to know.. don’t you agree?
Come with me, and we’ll journey together on a quest,

a quest to learn the skills needed to survive, survive and thrive..

in our harsh.. beautiful.. overpopulated world.

where connections are worth more than a fortune, where true friendship and loyalty is harder to find than gold, where sincerity from the heart is as rare and as beautiful as the most precious gemstones… where a facial expression speaks a thousand words.

There are skills to be learnt, personalities to identify, types of people to categorize, and the ultimate lesson to be learnt..

that there are so, so many layers of depth and emotion in each and every one of us, the possibilities for growth and self-improvement is limitless.

A good evening to all of you, my friends..

the night is long. 🙂


I believe in the experiences I had, every chapter in my Book of Life is exciting, full of loves and losses.
I believe in the time I lived, every moment is a picture that i can relieve with glaring intensity.
I believe in understanding human nature, every person is an animal that understands simple things.. love, greed, desire.. and complex things.. sacrifice, mercy, duty, loyalty.
I believe in social dynamics and psychology, that every group setting and group conversation has shifts of power to whomever takes the lead, that everyone’s mind is different, yet oddly similar.
I believe if I can do it, somebody else can too. Aren’t we all human?
So I believe my words hold value in your heart, that my thoughts hold sway,
I believe I will… move.. your heart and grasp your soul.

Because I care, believe and want to change the world into a better place.

The world now, is not a place I want my children to grow up in.

Thus, I am going to start, by changing the way you think.

I am:

Someone who has transformed himself. Metamorphosis has led me to aspirations, aspirations to change the world.
Someone who is creating roads that lead to better places, even if I have to work through impassable swamps.
Someone who loves art and appreciates the colours of life.
Someone who loves psychology, social dynamics, team dynamics and people with awesome qualities. You don’t think you have any? I’ll help you bring ALL of them out. 😉

Yet, not studying in any of the fields mentioned above. XD
Engineering is the most boring shit ever created (sorry nerds, I was one too), but it is what defines us, gives us techno-no-logy (hahaha), accessibility, comfort, safety.. and engineering made the world a much more fun place to be in.. although it seems a tad bit smaller now.. doesn’t it?
Stuck in this field. So I shall make full use of it. (not just the wires and batteries, mind you, bless me)
I look at my own hands, they turn into a fist.
This is my future, of my own making.

Now, that is called awesome sauce.


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